Fishing collection

Fishing collection

Fly fishing box

Your fly box

The box is made from sycamore wood and clad in leather and features exceptional fish scale work appliqué on the top.

The fishing flies

Within this box you will find two types of flies: small flies made of hair and feathers, and Victorian flies made of feathers.
These hook-mounted fishing flies were made in collaboration with French master fishermen.
As fishermen’s needs change depending on the season, the lighting, the height of the water, the speed of the current, the color of the river, the season, and so on, we have created a selection of twenty flies, each different in their composition.
Lastly, you will find three Victorian flies with high-colored feathers in a small leather wallet. They recall traditional flies, mainly used in the United Kingdom over a century ago.

Instructions for use

Your fly box is intended for fly fishing experts and enthusiasts.
Be careful when handling the flies, especially the Victorian flies which are mounted onto a hook. This box is not a toy.
If the feathers from the Victorian flies are “plucked”, do not hesitate to manually replace them in the direction of the barbules.

The flies and feathers

The Victorian flies x3

Guinea folw, rooster, partridge, golden pheasant, goose
Three Victorian flies mounted on hooks, each with its own name :
Huguette (blue fly), Henriette (ornage fly) and Heliette (red fly).

The small flies x20

20 classic small flies
Including 10 creations from the fitter and 10 Hermès creations.
rooster, hare, duck, pheasant, deer

The Fly charm notes

Your Fly Charm

Your bag accessory is inspired by Victorian flies, flies for fishing created in the United Kingdom over a century ago. Many models emerged and the tradition has continued to develop exceptional pieces featuring many feathers and colors.
The fly fishing “charms” are handmade in the purest fishing tradition.
They are made completely out of feathers with the help of a silk thread mount.
Each feather, unique in shape and color, has been selected with care, providing the product with its exceptional character.
It can be attached to your bag using a leather strap.

This accessory should be handled with precaution in order to avoid the feathers being plucked and the barbules separating.
If the feathers are “plucked”, do not hesitate to manually replace them in the direction of the barbules.

The feathers

Red Charm: rooster, goose, silver pheasant, guinea fowl
Yellow Charm: rooster, goose, guinea fowl
Green Charm: rooster, goose, partridge, guinea fowl
Blue Charm: rooster, goose, partridge, silver pheasant, guinea fowl
Orange Charm: rooster, goose, guinea fowl