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Stretching with belts, yoga with silk, and voguing with hats!
HermèsFit arrives at the Hollywood Athletic Club 
from July 21st to July 24th, 2022.
Come with friends & family to explore the space or sign up for a fitness class and become an everyday athlete.

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Our cave of wonders

Silk in the open air

With a light touch, the women’s wardrobe and its accessories herald the arrival of warm summer days. Silk and cashmere unfurl their softness and colors on a revisited carré, an airy knit scarf or a signature shawl. New knots and formats bring the promise of creatively reinvented looks.

Float through the season

Silk sensations

With the iconic H, equestrian motifs or an original creation, silk designs continue their odyssey on scarves, twillys, shawls and triangles, and add a touch of lightness and joy to summer looks.

Get ready for style


A sunny breeze

Like an wave of optimism, the spring-summer 2022 collection calls for lighthearted and gentle living.

High color

In their palette of assertive shades, this season’s objects have the ability to embellish the summer wardrobe.

Align your look


Petit h, re-creation time!

Petit h creates a playful dialogue around sustainability and reinvention, object creation and the reuse of materials.

Re-creation time!

Petit h invents unique objects
with shapes and uses that proclaim loud and clear the creative detours they have been destined to take.

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Manuterra: educating children about the living world

Since the start of the school year in September 2021, the Manuterra scheme has invited pupils to create and develop a garden using permaculture techniques. This scheme provides hands-on sessions to learn about the richness of our biodiversity.