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When Kelly came to town

A reward for a missing Kelly. A mysterious stranger. Some determined enemies. A western in the purest tradition where heroes are not always the ones you imagine.

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Our cave of wonders

Strong links

More than ever, materials pay tribute to the artisan leatherworker’s know-how.

Embrace the bag


Freedom for silk

Unprecedented know-how, bold wearing styles, for summer the scarf flies the flag for freedom.

Planetary shift

Folded unevenly with two corners at the front, the double-sided silk scarf showcases its know-how in any atmosphere.

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Men’s spring-summer 2020 collection

Between Cubist lines, reinvented materials and pictorial hues,
Hermès men invite you into a vibrant and sunny tableau.

Cutting edge

From sharp styles to technical materials, the men’s wardrobe showcases the breadth of Hermès know-how.

Innovate immediately

RSE Femmes et Hommes

Thread crosser: the unseen side of fabric

Those who master this mysteriously named metier in France can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Josette Gonnot practises it at Hermès and is training the next generation.