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Men's Spring-Summer 2021 collection

Discover the Men's Spring-Summer 2021 collection created by Véronique Nichanian.
A performance designed with the artistic collaboration of Cyril Teste.

Watch the performance

Our cave of wonders


The Girl with the Black Bag

The Simone Hermès bag becomes the inadvertent star of a gripping story that is troubling from start to finish. Between film noir and psychological thriller, The Girl with the Black Bag leaves you breathless and doubting everything.


Freedom for silk

Unprecedented know-how, bold wearing styles, for summer the scarf flies the flag for freedom.


Objects for Interior life

Functional and vital, Hermès objects permeate the space. They keep their promise of making us dream and accompanying us in our everyday lives. 


Meilleurs Ouvriers de France

Artisans at Hermès and Saint-Louis tell their stories.