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Twist your silk

More free than ever, silk is fun and inspiring with bold wearing styles, vibrant colors and incomparable softness.

Give your life a twist

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Men's spring-summer 2021 collection

This summer, the collection expresses lightness, simplicity and nonchalance. Plays on stripes, flashes of fluorescent color and natural shades combine with refined materials and spontaneity.
Style keeps us in suspense.

Make way for the energy of the now

The height of style

This season’s sandals and ankle boots exude elegance thanks to an exceptional heel. Taking inspiration from a Saint-Louis vase from the 90s, the heel is formed of one or two Plexiglass spheres lacquered using an artisanal technique. Embark on a new style odyssey with their futuristic graphic look.

Best foot forward

The autumn-winter footwear collection incorporates soft materials, sporty inspiration and warm and comforting shades to see you through the season.

Step out in style


Familiar pieces

Season after season, the Home collections are reinvented and withstand the test of time. From furniture to lighting, textiles to games, objects to tableware, function dictates form and material, pushing the boundaries of know-how to their limits.

At the top of your game

Colorful, creative and entertaining, games celebrate the beauty of gestures and have a place in every home.

It’s your turn

Pantin, France

Recognisable by their trademark white coats, which have earned them the nickname ‘The Blouse Brothers’, these are the Prudhomme brothers.

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