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Soft, light styles jump on board at full speed, amid controlled scarf slaloms and acrobatic tie jumps. Tie them before the finish line!

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Men’s spring-summer 2020 collection

Between Cubist lines, reinvented materials and pictorial hues,
Hermès men invite you into a vibrant and sunny tableau.


Rouge Hermès, limited edition collection

Bold reds: corail fou, violet insensé, rose inouï.

High colour 

In their palette of assertive shades, this season’s objects have the ability to embellish the summer wardrobe.

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Shawl with cashmere and a Wash finish, silk expresses the bigger picture.

Planetary shift 

Folded unevenly with two corners at the front, the double-sided silk scarf showcases its know-how in any atmosphere.

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RSE Empreintes

Footsteps across the world

Through this collection of films, documentary maker Frédéric Laffont reveals with humanistic perspective our unique relationship to sustainable development.