Hermes Heritage Los Angeles | Hermès

Hermès Heritage - Part one : Harnessing the Roots  

An exhibition held in our Rodeo’s Drive boutique
 from 31 March to 7 April.
Hermès Beverly Hills, 434 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Monday – Saturday From 10am to 6pm

The exhibition

  • A Unique Balance

    Hermès Héritage is a cycle of exhibitions that offers an open dialogue between objects from the Émile Hermès collection and Hermès’ archives and contemporary collections. Harnessing the Roots, the first exhibition in the series, offers insights into Hermès’ equestrian roots, seizing the reins of its signature elegance

Brides de gala

The exhibition opens with the exceptional 19th- century Rothschild bridle, which echoes the emblematic Brides de gala silk scarf, created by Hermès in 1957 and designed by Hugo Grygkar. It is presented here in the love version from 2017. With its scattered hearts in zesty colours, it celebrates the house’s fondness for this piece of equestrian tack.

The horse and its tack

Horses are at the heart of the Hermès identity. In fact, the intensity of this relationship explains the parallels between tacked-up horses and equestrian-influenced fashion. For example, when a chic woman adopts structured details from the repertoire of riding attire.

The saddle

The Haut à courroies bag, originally intended for riders, can hold a saddle, boots, bridles and all other equipment required for riding. Created in the early 20th century, it was very soon re-categorised as a travel bag, available in several sizes. This piece of luggage demonstrates the impressive assimilation into the civilian world of a creation originally designed only for the equestrian world.

Buckled up

Buckles are a key element of the Hermès world. When transposed to exquisite jewellery, in an unprecedented combination, these metal motifs take on a whole new life that brilliantly asserts their steel origins. The Brides de gala necklace by Pierre Hardy, creative director for Hermès jewellery, radiates here like a sparkling reflection.

Ties and straps

With elegant twists on its equestrian heritage, Hermès is skilled in creating surprises and building on inspirational anecdotes. The Muselière bag was introduced in 1953. It was designed by Aline Hermès, who, while on holiday in Cannes, was in need of a beach bag. This model is a small basket in the shape of a muzzle, which is used to control hunger in horses that are too greedy or unwell. Designer Virginie Jamin was inspired by an engraving from 1895 found in an album belonging to the Parisian saddlers Camille et Fils. The Sangles en zigzag scarf replicates the understated elegance of its model, but also asserts its modernity with a dynamic and dizzying colourful composition.