Soft, light styles jump on board at full speed, amid controlled scarf slaloms and acrobatic tie jumps. Tie them before the finish line!

  • Back to front

    A new chapter for Hermès silk: a double-sided scarf, the “Carré squared”! A major innovation, each side of the scarf presents a different version of the same design.  For the inaugural season, two versions of C’est la fête, designed by Daiske Nomura, dialogue with one another: classic on one side and in refined outline on the other. The soft and supple matt finish was specially developed for contemporary men’s wearing styles.

  • Daiske Nomura

    Skeletons on horseback, robot spiders, symbols given a twist... the designer showcases and transforms Hermès emblems into a world that is sometimes fantastical, sometimes futuristic.

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To take things higher

Patterns, colours, sizes: silk is having boundless fun!

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