[Bespoke Men ] | Hermès


  • 1 Leather
    Each skin is unique and gives birth to clothes that are just as unique. Man chooses leather that looks like him, without knowing it - sometimes unwittingly. The Hermes Special Orders service gives free rein to everyone's imagination. Skin on skin, we close our eyes to feel the singular evidence of a deer trench or the suppleness of a lambskin shod ...
  • 2 Shirt
    It is essential to feel good - and beautiful - in his shirt. Making a custom-made shirt is like dancing with two lovers. To do this, go in person to Hermès. Because each silhouette is unique and only the Hermès tailor blouse will be able to transcribe it faithfully by carefully measuring its measuring points.

3 Suit

When one imagines the costume of one's dreams, one must take the time to choose among the proposed fabrics, meet the craftsman to take the measurements, then wait ... The well-cut suit draws a fair figure: the one that tells the one who wears it. The costume adapts itself to life with a fine line; never precious.
  • 4 The mesh
    Create your own mesh Hermes has everything in the game: the choice is first on the wire, then on the color and finally on the model. It is even possible to bring the "little wool" of his childhood: the service of the Particular Orders then offers to reproduce it or to adapt it according to the desires. The affection which the man carries to his stitch must be heard.

5 Sportswear

Like a call to the outdoors, sportswear gives all its lightness to the movements of the body. The Hermes Special Orders service accompanies every hour in the life of a man with a soft jacket or windbreaker, and offers the details that the man sometimes thinks he or she thinks they are lacking. pocket for his laptop, another to slip his wallet, a "pick up" for pens ...