Hermès products repair and restoration

Maintenance & Repair

Made with utmost care, Hermès creations require special attention. Be it a saddle, a silk carré, or a watch, all Hermès objects can be subject to repair and freshened up.


Changing a bag zipper, mending the seams of a purse, re-dying men’s shoes, or widening a horsewoman’s boots… Our craftspeople have the leather expertise to pamper your favorite pieces. 


  • Watches

    Our watchmakers maintain, repair and preserve the precision and beauty of your watch with great care and passion.

  • Jewelry

    Scratches and bumps, stones lost, oversize necklaces, or tarnished diamonds… Treat your treasures to a spa day by entrusting them to our jewelers, who will be delighted to spruce them up.

  • Ready-to-wear

    Your collector’s items are no longer what they seem? The lining of your leather could use a makeover? Have you tried our new skin care? Our experts in the matter will examine your request from every angle.

  • Home

    Hermès furniture draws excellence from its extraordinary variety of fine materials and an immense range of precious and specific know-how. From marble to cashmere, and from leather to silver, bring all your household objects, large and small, back to life thanks to the expertise of our craftsmen.


Let our craftspeople cajole your carrés, cosset your ties, and soften your gloves. They will seamlessly repair your favorite accessories and other objects of affection. Hats off!


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