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Gravity defying

Silk dances to a new tune.

Our cave of wonders


Climbing Bands

Simple shapes, feline façades and asphalt flowers, the new collection of wallpapers unfurls a fabulous labyrinth.

Shoe of a Kind

Feet up in the clouds, the Spring-Summer 2019 shoe collection thinks outside the box.



From the power of the imagination to the creation of a unique object: a journey where anything is possible. 

Hermès on Stage – The Audition

Discover the first act of Hermès on Stage, a play introducing chameleon actors and essential accessories full of character.

RSE Empreintes

Tokyo, Japan

Her Kelly, with its dark-hued patina, carries the memory of her mother along with her small treasures. And the pages of the diary she purchases once a year from Hermès are gradually filled with the daily journal she has kept since she was 4 years old. This is a private luxury, at once a legacy and a narrative.

Artisans of enlightenment

When creative force illuminates form: Hermès' jewellery radiates light.