Home, outdoor and equestrian

Home, outdoor and equestrian

Hermès’ equestrian roots continue to inspire every object. Whether inside or outside, every object has a purpose. It structures the space or playfully brings it to life, striking the perfect balance. It illustrates the dialogue between human and material, nature and culture. Shaped by desires and encounters, it brings well-being and beauty to everyday life.

The collections for the home to be presented at Milan Design Week

From June 8 to 12, Hermès presents its collections for the home in Milan.
Four vast yet light structures, covered in wood and paper, interact with the collections in a setting that radiates light. The search for lightness is expressed through the creation of objects, as a challenge to gravity. 
Textiles, driven by new know-how, are in the spotlight.

Spotlight on the collections

  • What is it all about?

    Textiles explore different manufacturing techniques: bands of cashmere punctuate the design of an airy blanket; hand-woven and hand-dyed squares make up a large patchwork with shimmering colors; geometric shapes assembled by linking resemble stained-glass windows; a large piqué bedspread brings together colors, patchwork, and the traditional technique of quilting.

 The Selle Rouge

The epitome of Hermès’ age-old know-how, the Selle Rouge begins a new chapter in the story of the house’s saddles. A different saddle, a saddle of transparent elegance. Its sporting qualities are the result of numerous discussions between rider, saddle expert, and artisan. 


Pushing back their limits and reinventing unique know-how by working with leather, fabrics, wood, and precious metals, all the while ensuring precise lines, the inquisitive soul of the craftsman dreams of useful objects that transcend time. The simplicity of invisible elegance.

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Beautiful escapes

Walking a dog in the forest, inhaling the scent of junipers in the spring, listening to the sound of a bat and ball on the beach, embracing the vastness of the great outdoors. And letting our senses be our guides. Freedom.

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Soleil d’Hermès, a light-filled and contrasting dinner service

This new dinner service, comprising twenty-four pieces, combines porcelain white with a deep yellow, radiant with nuances. Outlined in delicate black, like a faint shadow, the graphic motifs evoke stylised palm trees, among other patterns. The fusion of illustrator Arielle de Brichambaut’s talent with the know-how of the house’s artisans reveals the warmth and radiance of yellow and creates harmony between the material, the colour, and the design. An ode to summer and conviviality, Soleil d’Hermès illuminates your table.

From one Soleil to another

Looking for lightness

The objects, porcelain, and furniture assert their uniqueness. A sheet of leather, cut, folded and hand-painted, becomes a table centerpiece; porcelain plates reflect the sun’s rays, and a canework seat makes a chair as graceful as it is robust. 
Thus the lightness of lines and style can transcend time.

Conversation starters

Contemporary and poetic objects that enhance the present moment and those yet to come.