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Spirited silk

The scarf embraces freedom with multiple wearing styles. Silks are superimposed, shawls take flight and know-how plays on materials. A promise of joy.

Vibrant softness

Cocoon-like, the scarf envelops a look in colours and bold accumulations. Silk, cashmere and wool are brought to life by graphic and iconic designs for softly elegant style. 

Cocoon yourself


  • Della cavalleria

    Designed by Virginie Jamin, the Della Cavalleria scarf is inspired by the exceptional engravings of a 1609 equestrian treatise from the Émile Hermès collection. Imbued with the same delicacy, the lines on the silk mimic the work of the engravers of old, reproducing several items of equestrian tack. One side is graced with the rich colours of Madras, the other opts for a simple and refined monochrome. 

  • Knowing knots

    The 70 silk scarf is easy to wear and versatile, for highly innovative wearing styles. Around the neck, on the wrist or on a bag: anything is possible! It adds a light, joyful touch to this season’s look, with sophisticated colours to complement all styles.

The collection

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At the heart of design

A design is above all a story, a whole world of possibilities, an imaginary voyage. Each season, Hermès collaborates with new artists who create a fantastical illustration within a silk scarf, a design inspired by the equestrian universe or... their own dreams.  Encounters. 

  • Virginie Jamin

    Inspired by the Émile Hermès collection of fanciful objects, Virginie Jamin arranges swinging compositions to the beat of her own drum.

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