Artisans of enlightenment | Hermès

Artisans of enlightenment

Light, born of line: Hermès fine jewelry is a jewelry of form. It is form that sculpts the material, that reveals radiance, that illuminates the precious stone. A jewelry tradition reinvented to serve creativity.
  • Disrupting convention

    The quest for form is at the heart of the origins of Hermès, the harness-maker and saddler. It is a story of precision, made of boldness and invention. Hermès’ fine jewelry plays with borders, proportions and colors, revealing changes of perspective and three-dimensional illusions. Pierre Hardy, creative director of Hermès jewelry, questions and disrupts tradition. With total freedom, he explores geometrical possibilities, plays with scale, and makes every detail dance.

  • Forging light

    Each piece of Hermès jewelry plays with the contrasts of materials and stones, recreating balance or asymmetry. Its technical virtuosity is discreet, invisible. And these optical games enhance metals and stones, and make golds shine, blacks glisten, and light dance.

  • Seizing movement

    Hermès haute bijouterie is an ode to the body in motion. The jewelry articulates, moulds to every form, and reveals a disconcerting sensuality. The script-like curves, the articulations, the combinations of materials, and the plays on dimensions offer any number of dazzling variations that underline the fluidity of movement and the body. The jewel emphasizes the delicacy of a clasp, magnifies a bearing of the head, liberates the gesture, and determines a posture.