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Bespoke Objects

The realisation of a dream is limited by nothing but the imagination.

It starts with a dream...

… and a creation is born. It could be a childhood dream, a crazy dream, or a dream of a lost object. A dream of one’s own. 

And a meeting

  • Hermès’ artistic directors, craftsmen, master tailors, designers and engineers are here to listen, discuss and translate a desire. Little by little, the dream comes together, takes shape, becoming a sketch, a plan, a mock-up. The teams select exceptional materials, refine the design, develop the prototype. Then the time comes to make it real. This is how each Hermès custom-made object is created, true to the vocation of the house, which began manufacturing harnesses and saddles for its customers in 1837. The spirit of the house of Hermès is present with its high standards, its boldness and its imagination.

All dreams allowed

A fishing rod, a pair of boxing gloves, a hammock, a treasure chest, a bag for a particular use, a bespoke suit, a rare leather jacket, a surfboard, the interior design of a yacht or an aircraft... The inventory is poetic, wonderful and endless. Hermès objects pay no heed to convention but every attention to usage, and never forget the creative power of imagination. The dream becomes the enchantment of a moment, the joy of a journey, a companion for life.

What is your dream?

Each dream is unique, as is each object created by the teams at Hermès, thanks to the vision of the creative teams, the nobility of the materials, and the confident, patient and meticulous skill of the craftsmen. High standards for materials, perfect lines, extreme precision in details.
You have a dream... Whether for yourself or imagined for a loved one, share it with our teams at