Petit h l Hermes

Petit h, creation in reverse

At the petit h workshops, we do everything in reverse – or rather crossways. An object is born of existing materials, the latter breathing life into the former. At the crossroads of the house's know-how, craftsmen, artists and designers work hand in hand. Their challenge is to take a new look at materials, to reinvent, innovate and create dreamlike and useful objects.

Our totems

Petit h’s spellbinding objects work like a charm.

When the objects talk about their makers 

  • A proudly fluid salt shaker

    “I was born of the imagination of student from ECAL, the cantonal art school in Lausanne. My designer assembled a jacket button and a crystal bottle, both fitted on a section of leather using a fragment of cork; everything came together to make me a proudly fluid salt shaker. All it took was a clever mind to meet skilful hands for me to come into being, a one of a kind.”

  • The sweet melody of dreams

    “At petit h, every object has its own unique music, and I am no exception to the rule. I arose from an ingenious hybridisation of a round music box, meticulous leather sheathing punctuated with a silk cord, and a dreamlike key. It can take the form of a cock feather or a duffel coat button – the stuff of dreams, surely?”

  • Behold, a foal!

    “My designer, Marjolijn Mandersloot, specialises in producing giant, life-size or oversized animals. I am the newest member of a family comprising an elegant fawn, an exotic giraffe, and a collection of pandas. My skin is made from soft leathers, and microbeads make my body extremely mobile.”

  • Terrazzo: a material full of treasures

    “My story began in antiquity, when unused fragments of marble from villas or statues were combined with chalk to form a noble and original material known as Terrazzo. In a laboratory in Veneto, Nicolas Daul and Julien Demanche – the two designers who created me – struck on the idea of using this age-old know-how and adding a petit h touch. I am made up of pieces of Hermès’ history: metal buckles, padlocks, mother-of-pearl buttons, and more. I am a shape-shifter; I can transform into a coffee table or jewellery.” 


Photography: Alexandre Guirkinger

A Northern Christmas

In Scandinavia, it is said that the sooner you get ready to celebrate Christmas, the happier you are. When night falls early and the frosty landscape is blanketed in snow, the festive season becomes magical. So the artist Julie Safirstein takes us into a forest in the far north, offering her vision of Christmas window displays for petit h. With her preferred techniques of coloured shapes and torn paper cut-outs, Julie creates object-books, working on the themes of the sketchbook and children’s games. She needed nothing else to translate for Hermès and petit h her vision of this natural enchantment reminiscent of the joys of childhood.