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The bespoke service saddles up

Hermès takes the reins to offer you a customized service.
Since 1837, Hermès has nourished the synergy between sport and craftsmanship. It is a short hop from 24, Faubourg-Saint-Honoré to the Olympic Games. Developed in collaboration with our master saddler, a veterinarian, engineers and our partner riders, each saddle combines comfort and technical prowess. The feat achieved? Only the essential is retained so that the horse, saddle and rider are as one.

Viva Vivace 

The Hermès Vivace saddle offers an unparalleled sensation of closeness between horse and rider. Perfectly suited to riders who like to be out of the saddle when jumping, it combines advanced forward balance with stability and comfort.

Our saddles

Each saddle is tailor-made to suit the different requirements and morphologies of the horse and rider.

The art of bespoke

To find the right saddle, each rider is assisted by one of our experts. The first step is carried out on horseback, when the rider’s measurements are taken and the model chosen; then on foot, to measure the horse. This way the expert records all the details necessary for creating a unique saddle.

Excellence in the saddle

Fashioned by a single craftsmen in the workshop at 24 Faubourg, a saddle requires nearly thirty hours of work and concentration. Since 1900, each saddle has been given a number so that none can be forgotten. They combine the brilliance of saddlery know-how, transmitted from generation to generation, with the modernity of a sports accessory crafted using the very best leather.

Your bespoke saddle

Our experts are hard at work around the world. Contact them to craft your saddle.

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