Colliers de Chiens Remix twilly


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Twilly in silk (100% silk).

This small, yet iconic silk accessory can be tied endless ways to bring a whimsical touch to your everyday looks!

Made in France

Designed by  Virginie Jamin

Measures 2" x 32"

The story behind

Based on the design of the Colliers de Chiens Remix scarf:
In the era of motor elegance, racing and chic sports, the dog becomes the object of utmost attention. Everything in harmony, one might say. This precious recommendation is followed word for word: from the car to the luggage, including the clothing and pet collar. The whole is similar to the composition of a painting. Hermès then created a number of designs to satisfy the prettiest of poodles and the most robust of the shepherd dogs. Closely aligned on their displays, these necklaces are inspired by the Hermès' archives. A leather good printed with checkers, a round braid, leather inlaid with small studs, saddle-stitched, monochrome, two-tone, multicolored... Their aesthetic reflects a constant concern: to create beautiful and durable accessories.