Carnaval des Oiseaux scarf 140


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Giant scarf in silk twill with hand-rolled edges (100% silk).

A soft, light and enveloping scarf, the perfect combination for everyday use!

Made in France

Designed by Laurence Bourthoumieux

Measures 55" x 55"

The story behind

A love of nature and animals inspires many of Laurence Bourthoumieux’s compositions. This one is an open-air aviary that invites us into a happy, colorful world. Birds, trees and flowers live together in harmony in this tropical rainforest. Toucans with their unmistakable beaks look on as winged creatures shimmer and soar. Macaws are known for their stunning plumage and extraordinary gift for imitation; they live in groups and stay faithful to one partner. Hyacinth macaws are the largest, standing over three feet tall by adulthood! Parrots, budgerigars and quetzals – whose names come from the word “quetzalli” meaning precious feather” – share the skies and trees. All the while, hummingbirds pollinate the delicate corollas of the charmingly named passiflora or passion flower. Philodendrons, flamevines, and blossoming Brazil cherry trees add final flourishes to this dream world.