Summits of silk

Summits of silk

Mufflers slalom, ties scale the slopes, and scarves set off at full speed, before tying things up in a controlled skid before the finish line! 

Attitudes at altitude

  • High Flyer

    You're the pilot! With its optical illusion, this High Flyer 140 scarf designed by Dimitri Rybaltchenko soars over the peaks in a helicopter, taking you to the top. In a characteristic touch, the designer has incorporated a few hidden references to Hermès, including the Ulysse notebook and Rodéo bag accessory.


    Sixty-eight million years later, designer Alice Shirley has reinvented the most fascinating prehistoric animal of all: the tyrannosaurus, better known as T-Rex. This 100 scarf creates a half-terrifying, half-fun look. With its graphic jaw, icy-blue stare and mesmerising scales, here is one dinosaur that certainly doesn't fear the ice age! 

To take things higher

Patterns, colours, sizes: silk is having boundless fun!

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