When Kelly came to town

When Kelly came to town

Deep in the Wild West, Kelly unleashes passions. Between a mysterious young woman hoping for a reward for its return, and some determined enemies, it must show great courage.

  • Kelly

    A true classic of Hermès cinema, the Kelly bag here takes on one of its greatest roles. In a Toile de Camp Déchaînée version, it features a unique play on equestrian accents, inspired by one of the great icons of the early 20th century: the Haut à courroies bag, designed to hold a saddle. Its name, originating in its love affair with superstar Grace Kelly in 1956, has made it a legend. Navigating eras and styles, this most celebrated trapezoid shape reveals a motif straight out of Émile Hermès’ imagination, where links are attached and detached as scenarios unfold.

  • A marriage of canvas and leather

    Clad in Toile de Camp canvas, the Kelly shows off a lesser-known side of its personality, bolder and less formal. This model, resulting from the union of two unique materials that are used to co-starring together, takes the near-symbiosis of these two elements even further. It draws its strength of character from leather, both noble and patinated, while the linen of its canvas, borrowed from army camp beds, gives it a structure that is both raw and light, and as strong as armour. The fruit of this combination never ceases to reinvent itself while paying tribute to its rustic and authentic origins.

  •     Clasp and side straps

    A close-up of a precious detail that makes all the difference: the Kelly clasp is almost as famous as the bag of the same name. This delicate swivel clasp connecting the leather side straps has illuminated all of the Kelly’s roles for nearly a century, and continues to inspire the younger generation, adorning other bags, as well as shoes, jewellery, belts, and more.
    The Kelly is decidedly… engaging.

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