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Men's winter 2022 runway show

Relive the Men's winter 2022 collection, created by Véronique Nichanian and directed by Cyril Teste. 


Our cave of wonders

Moments of lightness

Soft and as light as air, silk displays a thousand bold designs and iconic motifs on the scarves, shawls and ties of the men’s wardrobe. Throughout the summer, it outlines an airy and colorful look.

Get ready for style

Softness at work

Using ancestral know-how, vibrant colours and lightweight materials, this season the knit scarf for men brings a touch of softness and warmth to cool evenings.

Take the air in colour

Hermès, cavalier jewelry

Where jewelry meets the saddler’s spirit. Freely designed, radical in form, demanding of their materials. Hermès shakes up the conventions of jewelry. The precious becomes natural.

Adopt the attitude!

Rose gold, like a second skin

Rose gold complements every nuance of skin tone. Its unique colour evokes the softness of leather and brings its distinctive radiance to the skin. Hermès jewellery highlights its natural beauty with bold and innovative forms.

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Elegance in movement

Hermès’ saddlery know-how has spanned the centuries since 1837 and brings our current collections to life. Made in the heart of Paris by a single artisan from start to finish, each saddle requires nearly thirty hours of work and is specially configured to the precise measurements of both rider and horse.

RSE women and men

Hermès teams up with Equiphoria

Hermès saddlers have applied their artisanal techniques to supporting the Equiphoria institute, which provides therapy for people with disabilities through riding.