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It's time for a joyful show

Let the show begin!

Our cave of wonders

A magical show

When 24 Faubourg closes, the street becomes quiet, plunged into silence. The window displays wake up and come to life. Objects and decorations leap into action for an unprecedented show. Pegasus sets off, keen not to miss it!

Curtain up


Through the dunes

Having reached the desert, Pegasus spots a shape emerging from the dunes and attaches himself to the rippling strap of a Constance rising up like a sail in the sandy wind. A high-flying rodeo begins! Constance slips between Grand Jeté and Farandole scarf rings. However, during a loop-the-loop, Pegasus lets go of the strap...

Pirouette in the desert


Water polo under the sea

Pegasus frolics in the air above the water and then dives to the heart of the abyss! His wings become flippers. The Gavroche skate throws him a shell to begin a frenzied game of water polo! Pegasus passes the ball to Rhubarb, but it slips between the corals. He moves closer and discovers the reflections of a large window: he’s back at the doors of 24 Faubourg.

Swim to the Faubourg