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Women's spring-summer 2023 runway show

Watch the spring-summer 2023 runway show live on Saturday, 1st October at 2.30 pm (Paris time).
Ensure the sound is turned on to enjoy the best experience.

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Our cave of wonders

A lighthearted day

On a hidden terrace nestled above the 24 Faubourg boutique, objects from the Autumn-Winter collection have come together.

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A picnic party

A wicker Kelly, the Sabot bag and the Soleil d’Hermès porcelain are all invited to tea. Not forgetting a silk butterfly and frolicking rabbits.

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Winter joys

Vibrant in soft colors or sprinkled with vivid details, women’s knit scarves, shawls, and carrés elevate silk, wool and cashmere to become cocoons of softness.

Choose comfort

Magic carrés

Double-sided, equestrian-inspired or verdant, the women’s silk scarf embodies the spirit of Hermès with joyful fantasy.

Color your fall

Peak artistry

Placed centerstage, caps combine innovative materials—cashmere broadcloth or water-repellent canvas—with iconic details, such as saddle nails or graphic emblems.

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Seasonal companions

Caps and hats opt for water-repellent flannel, while wide-brimmed hats and berets adopt cashmere broadcloth, for a multitude of stylish headwear options.

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Be part of a collective adventure

Hermès employees across the world are committed to embodying the house’s values for our customers. In 300 stores and 45 countries, they are the storytellers of a family tale of craftsmanship, welcoming customers with the house’s particular elegance and authenticity.