Hermès Editeur Josef Albers

Hermès Éditeur
Josef Albers

Hommage au carré is a reproduction of 6 works on silk, produced in 200 units each.

The artist

Josef Albers (1888-1976) was a famous painter, lithographer, colour theorist, writer, educator and artist whose longest-held role was as a professor at the Bauhaus art school (1920–1933).

The project

Hommage au carré is a limited-edition series of artworks on silk, featuring six works among the hundreds that Josef Albers produced as part of one of the most beautiful undertakings of abstract painting of the 20th century, entitled Homage to the Square. 

Albers followed a simple principle: to create a series of infinite colour variations within an unchanging form (the square, and its composition), with strict respect for the shape. According to Albers, reproducing these six squares on silk took Hermès to the limits of its own know-how in screen printing, specifically perfecting the “edge to edge” technique, where large areas of colour meet each other but do not overlap, avoiding the setting lines that usually “close off” the colour. 

This first edition marked the beginning of a dream: that of forging links and creating bridges between the world of manufacture and the world of art. 

The scarves

6 scarves produced in 200 units each.

The editions

  • Daniel Buren

    For its second edition of works of art on silk, Hermès invited renowned contemporary artist Daniel Buren to leave his imprint on house’s emblematic silk scarf. The exceptionally large-scale and highly original result, entitled Photos-souvenirs au carré, was a series of 365 unique scarves.

  • Hiroshi Sugimoto

    For its third edition, Hermès invited Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. And so Couleurs de l’ombre was born, reproducing 20 Polaroids on silk to form a limited edition of 20 scarves produced in 7 units each, or a total of 140 scarves measuring 140 cm x 140 cm.

  • Julio Le Parc

    For its fourth edition, Hermès invited Julio Le Parc, a major figure in the kinetic and optic art world, to put his own stamp on the iconic silk scarf. A true ode to colour, his proposal entitled Variations autour de La Longue Marche led to the edition of 10 series of six unique scarves.

Bruno Clergue
Courtesy Rudy Burckhardt Estate and Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York