Hermès Editeur

Hermès Editeur

What is Hermès Éditeur?


Pierre-Alexis Dumas
Directeur artistique d'Hermès

The Hermès scarf was born in 1937, as a project of Robert Dumas, my grandfather. Fascinated by innovative textile printing techniques, he soon became passionate about creating designs and constantly searching for new arrangements and endless combinations of colours. Combined with perfect implementation, this continual drive to innovate introduced great freedom into his work. This openness and pioneering spirit resulted in great exchanges and fruitful encounters based on reciprocal admiration, bringing names such as Cassandre, Ledoux, Linarès and Dufy into association with the house. In his turn, Jean-Louis Dumas, his son, introduced the scarf to a global audience via Kermit Oliver, the American Indian painter specialised in portraits of native Americans, the Polataka School of Sudan and several others.
I have maintained this tradition of encounters and networks by inviting artists such as Gloria Petyar, Harsa or Ding Yi to each design a scarf for Hermès.

Thus Hermès Éditeur is born of fertile ground. Extending this bridge between craftsmanship, our particular domain, and contemporary arts, it is a project close to my heart. There is undoubtedly an element of subjectivity underlying this specific project. As often in our house, the genesis of projects is inseparable from human encounters and aesthetic revelations. But the dialogue thus begun between contemporary creations and our artistic métiers is of vital interest to us. It is a source of invention, extension, discovery – without which we risk resting on our laurels and enclosing ourselves in well-worn routines. The projects artists bring us confront our craftsmen with real challenges, at first glance insurmountable but overcoming them enables us to extend the limits of our savoir-faire.

Photographies :
Bruno Clergue