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Hermès charms, each more inventive than the last, attach to the handles of bags for a personal touch. These miniature creations encapsulate excellence and expertise while exalting the art of detail.

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Silk joys

Vibrant in soft colors or sprinkled with vivid details, women’s knit scarves, shawls, and carrés elevate silk, wool and cashmere to become cocoons of softness.

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Magic carrés

Double-sided, equestrian-inspired or verdant, the women’s silk scarf embodies the spirit of Hermès with joyful fantasy.

Color your fall

Feet on the ground

Men’s and women’s shoes adapt to all of the season’s terrains with light, enveloping materials and on-trend details.

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Versatile accessories

For Fall-Winter, Men’s jewelry, belts, hats, and gloves are imbued with softness.

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In the name of elegance

From an H-signature braided bracelet to a metal and leather equestrian pendant and cufflinks, Men’s jewelry illustrates the house’s know-how and identity.

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Podcasts from Le Monde d’Hermès

If the large hand on a watch could talk, what story would it tell? And if a show-jumping obstacle pole became a sports commentator, what would it say during a Saut Hermès event? What is the day-to-day life of a character in a scarf design like? 
This series of podcasts invites some surprising protagonists of everyday life to share a moment of lightness with us.