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Welcome to the Hermès Club

Hosted in Shanghai, the event highlights the joyful free spirit of Hermès’ women.
An invitation to wander around the universe of Bali Barret and the collections of Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski, and marvel at the unique creations of Jean-Paul Goude that celebrate the Hermès woman.
Hermès turned the Long Museum of Shanghai into a quirky and joyous contemporary club consisting of bars, salons and gaming rooms.
Enter our rooms of wonder.

The Musical Hall by Jean-Paul Goude

Jean-Paul Goude and flamenco star Rocío Molina’s powerful show is an ode to the mythical orange box of Hermès. Keep your eyes and ears wide open.
The new rising star of flamenco will lead her musicians and twenty models in a powerful performance staged in homage to Hermès’ unmistakable orange box.

The Red Ballroom by Jean-Paul Goude

Scarves take flight in the red ballroom designed by Jean Paul Goude and give a sense to objects.
In the centre of a gigantic red ballroom stands an immense cage in which scarves fly like swift silk birds in a surrealist ballet, where red objects galore come to life and waltz to the music.
The Music Hall, directed by Jean-Paul Goude, performed by Rocío Molina © Hermès 2017
The Red Ballroom, Mobile symphony orchestrated by Jean-Paul Goude © Hermès 2017