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In these two episodes, Ayumi, our specialist in ready-to-wearfrom Osaka, gives you access to her skillful silhouettes.

1/ Why monochrome is not monotonous?

Ayumi marries accessories and makes plain how to hone your tone-on-tone style.
Hermès Ayumi Versatility Hermès Ayumi Versatility

2/ Why prints patterns matter

Ayumi pairs print patterns and gives you the keys to a successful metamorphosis.
Hermès Ayumi Transformation Hermès Ayumi Transformation
Over the course of several episodes, Gary, our tie specialist on Madison Avenue, shares his tricks on how to choose with no sweat, and tie a knot with no stress.

1/ How to choose a tie as a gift 

If the thought of finding the perfect gem makes your head spin, leave it to Gary, our peerless expert, and be sure to please.
Tutorial Hermès Gift Tutorial Hermès Gift
The Perfect Partner 

2/ How to pick a tie for a dressy party

Throw tradition to the wind! For Gary, party and extravagance go hand in hand. Indulge!
tutorials tie party hermes
The Perfect Partner 

3/ How to be an eye-catcher at the office 

Want to break free from the daily grind? Gary’s advice will add color to your life.
tutorials tie office hermes tutorials tie office hermes
The Perfect Partner 

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