Time, a Hermès object | Hermès

Time, a Hermès object

Hermès creates objects. Objects that craftspeople shape to make them the friendly partners of those who wear them. Stemming from uncompromising savoir-faire, they are as light as the unexpected. Everyday life becomes their playground, and the present a very special moment.
Time, for Hermès, is also an object.
Rather than measure, sequence, and control, the maison ventures into another time. It invites us to pause time, and to better enjoy our best moments.
Hermès enhances the exciting moments one spends looking forward to a future event. Then time becomes recreational and gives us glimpses of freedom.
The house is characterized by the inner tension that drives its creations. Hermès time is made of technically meticulous objects that go beyond the precise measure of time. They open up stylish new horizons that convey joyful emotions.
This particular time begets watches that break with convention and are able to arouse emotions and provide a unique perspective. They meet and go beyond the high standards of craftsmanship. These secret agents of good mood soften our hectic lives.