Autumn-winter women's collection| Hermès

Autumn-winter 2018
women’s collection

Fifty-four women enter a winter garden at twilight. Each of them brings something personal to the group. An intimate self-assurance that owes nothing to anyone.

A garden of another nature

Along the footpaths, around the squares, walk fifty-four women. They wear dresses worn close to their skin, waists accentuated; their light leather coats floating in the autumn light.

Details first

Some pieces turn into instant enigmas.
Is that a bag there? No, it’s a shawl. The weave of the blanket coat?
A clou Médor, of course.
  • Moving lines

    Ribbed velvet-style knits choose a straight line – and then change their path; taking a diagonal.
  • Coloured dream

    Thigh high boots seamlessly drenched in colour: andalusite-green, ultra-marine and orange.

Natural sophistication

Water-repellent calfskin is akin to leather. Coats have three pleats forming an almost invisible line on a low-set pocket.
Photography runway: Jean-François José
Photography backstage: Anders Edström