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Autumn-Winter 2017
Women’s Fashion Show

For autumn-winter 2017, it is playful eclecticism that sets Hermès womenswear into the present day.

The spirit of the collection

The colours themselves appear in new dimensions: blond camel hair and silk knits resonate with amber, printed with rose baie and meticulously needle-punched with coloured cashmere to achieve new depth. Silk scarf prints are extract printed, their colours deconstructed to reveal their formative components. Psychedelic paisley prints on raspberry crepon are finished with rainbow guilloché mother-of-pearl buttons; coats are patchworked from anemone and mauve Béarn shearling. A natural palette of earth tones is filtered through an impressionist lens; elegant minimalism injected with vibrating energy.
​These are clothes designed to be worn with pleasure and confidence.
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Share an intimate moment with the models and dive into the collection in all its shapes and colours.