9 Dresses performance by Lucinda Childs | Hermès

Discover the View from Her

The View from Her is Hermès’ homage to free-spirited, bold and modern women. This multifaceted event combined dance, song, exhibitions and performances in order to create a thoroughly modern expression of femininity blending savoir-faire with fashion.
Eleven interconnected spaces highlighted original works by women’s universe creative director Bali Barret, artistic director of women’s ready-to-wear Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski, designer Pierre Hardy, and choreographer Lucinda Childs.

9 Dresses performance by Lucinda Childs

The American choreographer Lucinda Childs, known for her metronomic and minimalist style, has created Ensemble for Nine dresses, an original ballet inspired by the bias-cut dresses from the Hermès 2016 Autumn/Winter collection.

Each room has a story

The ritual moves of silk
Seduction at full speed
A treasure trove of elementary gems
The kinetic vertigo of Hermès' silk