Women’s ready-to-wear spring-summer 2018

Women’s ready-to-wear spring-summer 2018

The spring-summer 2018 women’s ready-to-wear collection, designed by Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski, embodies pure forms and graphic playfulness. It redefines our perceptions of what is fresh and elegant today.

The spirit of the collection

The collection plays on multiple identities. The freedom to adapt them ignites an inherent and pragmatic sophistication. 
Muted tones evoke the contrasts of nature: warm and cool, light and dark, from black to blue black, wet blue, ultraviolet, pink granite, Hermès red, thyme green, and and ficelle.
  • The art of tartan

    A unique Scottish plaid sets the linear tone, its classicism undone by studies on the apron. Its geometries are echoed in a woven blouson and skirt to create a latticework of calf leather. This notion of liberated movement evolves the apron silhouette to wrap and fold high at the waist: 
culottes, wide trousers, and a utility Basque zip and cord, vented for a dynamic stride. Ultra-light textiles imbue outerwear with a crisp touch. Transparency and overlay create trompe l’œil effects
  • The Grand Manège attraction

    Designed by Henri d’Origny, the Grand Manège scarf is deconstructed throughout the collection for a delicate play of strata and scale. United, its interwoven bridles and hardware decorate lacquered linen canvas. Fragmented, the elements of its imprint become abstract forms – a watercolour floral on silk twill, a calligraphy t-shirt, or guipure jersey.
  • A game of colours

    The Grand Manège scarf also comes in mesh, highlighted with a blood red belt. The earrings, in blown glass and swift calfskin, are enhanced by a touch of magnolia. The open sandals in white calfskin are paired with a heel covered in brushed steel.  
  • The Hermès 2002 bag, projected into the future

    Here the bag appears with new for today in toile H printed canvas, checked gabardine, matte crocodile, and box calf leather finished with a palladium clasp. A light summer bucket bag is crocheted in dense two-tone silk with an adjustable raw-cut belt strap, for a sinuous fusion of leather and silk.


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