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Balance reigns in the home. What could be more natural? The home is a shelter for body and mind. The place of rejuvenation, well-being and harmony.

A Sofa

A sofa of pure lines – a masterpiece of cabinet making, leather sheathing, caning and upholstery – offers a refuge for relaxation.

An icosahedron

An icosahedron paperweight: entirely sheathed in leather, an enigmatic twenty-sided solid, is an invitation to reverie.
Making of icosahedron: Inspect the twenty faces of the icosahedron paperweight.

A spinning top

Here, a spinning top in full leather is a perfect reminder of this, of how Hermès is drawn, like a child, to anything that defies balance, without negating it. Measure, order and precision, naturally, and thus beauty. But never solely in pure and idealistic contemplation, never without “movement that displaces line”, never without the use that embodies and gives life, by bringing the object, and hence the imagination, into play, always with elegance.
Making of spinning top: The house is based on balance, go for a spin.

A magnifying glass

A magnifying glass, poised miraculously on its conical stand, evokes the very finest attention to detail that governs the new collections for the home by Hermès.

A magazine rack

Take, for instance, the magazine rack: it is a saddle. From a seat to a plate, everything originates in the horse, this animal of magnificent physique, vigorous, cautious and capricious, of quivering sensitivity, quick to bolt and, for this very reason, demanding rigour and command from the rider, his irreplaceable companion for every excursion, every introduction to the open air, an invitation to heady, dizzying speed.
A balance of materials, of shapes, sizes, proportions, uses and sensations. The extreme care taken in all things is an invitation to take care of oneself. And yet here is the paradox: the home universe is the faithful reflection of a passion that has driven and inspired Hermès since its origins.
Balance? Even in the home, it should have pace and allure!