Partner Riders

A man and horse this is more than a sports story. Watch them, listen to them Our partner riders don’t only talk about performances, they also tell extraordinary stories. Take a look at what’s all the rage in the equestrian world.

Unee BB & Jessica von Bredow-Werndl

The young German dressage horsewoman has been riding Unee BB for many years: "We both like to be efficient while having fun." A nice definition of competition.

Quorida de Treho & Romain Duguet

The Switzerland-based show-jumping rider has been collaborating with Hermès for ages. When his mare, Quorida, is nervous, he whispers sweet nothings in her ear.

Coco Bongo & Dan Neilson

The Englishman Dan Neilson was not destined to become a rider. Listening to him talk about his horse in his Sussex stables, one understands that, to Dan and his horse, excellence is just perseverance.

Nuage & Pilar Lucrecia Cordon

Appreciated for her fair play, the Spanish rider tells us about the bond she had with her horse during Hermès’ last show-jumping competition.

Aphrodite & Alexandra Paillot

After competing for seven years in France and in Florida, the young Frenchwoman, here in her stables in Chamant (France), has learned how to calm her mare and make her feel at ease..

Ronaldo (Spes Addit’or) & Astier Nicolas

Astier Nicolas had only to walk with Ronaldo to know he was dealing with a remarkable horse.

Qlassic & Simon Delestre

“Qlassic and I are not so different,” admits 2016 World champion Simon Delestre in his stables in Lorraine. Well, when two top athletes meet...

Makavoy & Ben Asselin

The son of an Olympic rider and grandson of the creators of the legendary Spruce Meadows competition, Ben Asselin is one of the most promising riders of the new generation. His horse? A “partner,” but also his “best friend.”

Apardi & Daniel Bluman

A Hermès partner rider since 2013, the young Colombian Daniel Bluman is experienced enough to know he’s dealing with an outstanding stallion – a “mythological” horse, he says.

Super Sox & Lillie Keenan

“I’d like to say that what we give to each other resembles joie de vivre,” the American rider said regarding her partner Super Sox..

Status & Rodrigo Pessoa

A multiple medal-winner at the Olympics, at the World Equestrian Games, and a World Cup finalist, the Brazilian Rodrigo Pessoa expresses his respect and admiration for Status, his new partner.

Quabri & Pedro Veniss

The winners of the Geneva and Versailles Grand Prix, Brazilian rider Pedro Veniss and his horse Quabri conquer all obstacles.