Windows display | Hermès

Dreams on Display

A mischievous staging of our crafts, the shop window is the ambassador for our imagination. As a children’s book one skims at will, this dream space fills the street with wonder and ensures the passersby’s happiness. When it comes to regular seasonal shop windows, local artists take the floor.  From Annie Beaumel’s topsy-turvy art to Antoine Platteau’s radical poetry, not to mention Leïla Menchari’s sensuous worlds, these fanciful ‘‘decoractors’’ give passers-by a thrill.

The Fantastic Four of 2017

These radically daring and extremely powerful window displays give life to all our crafts. To celebrate this retrospective, Hermès has summoned four ace installations. This year, objects took on their full meaning.

Seoul, The Handmade Mishmash

The Koreans from Kiljong Arcade gently tackle the industrial spree and give full meaning to objects in a delicate and offbeat ode to Hermès’ different métiers.

Organic Alchemy in Copenhagen

The shop windows designed by Dutch artist Levi Van Veluw live and pulse at the pace of the House. Allying leather and wood, equestrian art and silks, each line floats, throbs and breathes into space. The bag at the heart of the picture sets the tone of the dreams to come. That organic symmetry celebrates the incessant and fruitful dialogues at work inside Hermès.

Pop, Blop, Wizz in Mumbai

An Indian interior decorator inspired by pop art, Rooshad Shroff enters the ring and makes tableware vibrate with verve. These plates are ready to fight and capture the passersby’s attention.

Major Chords in Singapore

Hermès pays homage to the secret harmonies of objects and the nobility of everyday life. A dreamy piano echoes in tune with life in the workshop.

Movie Venue on Madison Avenue

Since November 16, 2017, in front of the Madison Avenue store, objects have been putting on a show. During a break on the theme of dreams, this interactive shop window hails and charms the passers-by who become heroes of their own lives.