Windows display | Hermès

Dreams on Display

A mischievous staging of our crafts, the shop window is the ambassador for our imagination. As a children’s book one skims at will, this dream space fills the street with wonder and ensures the passersby’s happiness. When it comes to regular seasonal shop windows, local artists take the floor.  From Annie Beaumel’s topsy-turvy art to Antoine Platteau’s radical poetry, not to mention Leïla Menchari’s sensuous worlds, these fanciful ‘‘decoractors’’ give passers-by a thrill.

Photographer: Roger Schall

The Fantastic Four of 2017

These radically daring and extremely powerful window displays give life to all our crafts. To celebrate this retrospective, Hermès has summoned four ace installations. This year, objects took on their full meaning.

Seoul, The Handmade Mishmash

The Koreans from Kiljong Arcade gently tackle the industrial spree and give full meaning to objects in a delicate and offbeat ode to Hermès’ different métiers.

Lotte World Tower, Seoul, Korea, Autumn 2017

Decorator: Kiljong Arcade Photographer: Sangtae Kim