• 1 Leather

    Each hide in each skin is unique and produces garments that are just as unique. Without realizing it – sometimes without meaning to – people always choose a hide similar to themselves. The Hermès Custom-made service creates leather pieces which can go as far as the customers' imagination. Skin against skin. You close your eyes to feel the inescapable individuality of a deerskin trench coat or the suppleness of a pea jacket in plongé lambskin.
  • 2 Shirt

    It is crucial to feel good – and handsome – in a shirt. Creating a custom-made shirt is therefore the equivalent of dancing a lovers' pas de deux. To achieve this, the customer must visit Hermès in person. Because every figure is unique and only the Hermès shirt-maker can take your measurements with the utmost precision to create a truly custom-made shirt.

3 Suit

When a man pictures the suit of his dreams, a tailor's skill assumes paramount significance. Considering the quality of the cloth is, of course, fundamental to the exercise. Then the waiting begins. A well-cut suit is the perfect outline, which says everything about the man wearing it. A suit adapts to life and makes its mark with refinement; but is never precious.
  • 4 Knitwear

    Creating your own piece of Hermès knitwear is like a game. First you pick out the wool, then the color, and finally the design. You can even bring us your little childhood sweater. The Custom-made service can then recreate it or use it as inspiration for a new design. The affection that the wearer feels for an item of knitwear deserves to be understood.

5 Sportswear

Like the call of the great outdoors, informal wear has a lightness of touch to move with the body. The Hermès Custom-made service creates bespoke clothing to fit a man's every move, from a supple blouson to a windbreaker. It adds myriad little details you may have dreamed of occasionally, feeling how much you needed them: a pocket for your cell, another one to hold your wallet, and a "hook" for pens.