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Hermès Tutorials

Our experts trust you with the secrets of a flawless style.
Take notes!
In these two episodes, Ayumi, our specialist in ready-to-wearfrom Osaka, gives you access to her skillful silhouettes.
1/ Why monochrome is not monotonous?
Ayumi marries accessories and makes plain how to hone your tone-on-tone style.
2/ Why prints patterns matter
Ayumi pairs print patterns and gives you the keys to a successful metamorphosis.
Over the course of several episodes, Gary, our tie specialist on Madison Avenue, shares his tricks on how to choose with no sweat, and tie a knot with no stress.
1/ How to choose a tie as a gift
If the thought of finding the perfect gem makes your head spin, leave it to Gary, our peerless expert, and be sure to please.
2/ How to pick a tie for a dressy party
Throw tradition to the wind! For Gary, party and extravagance go hand in hand. Indulge!
3/ How to be an eye-catcher at the office
Want to break free from the daily grind? Gary’s advice will add color to your life.