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Twist your silk

More free than ever, silk is fun and inspiring with bold wearing styles, vibrant colours and incomparable softness.

Give your life a twist

Our cave of wonders


Fresh momentum

The Fall-Winter 2021 collection reveals a dynamic, multi-faceted look that is fluid yet structured, familiar yet surprising.


Objects for Interior life

Functional and vital, Hermès objects permeate the space. They bring well-being and beauty and make sense to our senses.

Nonchalant silk

A perfect union of design, material and color, the silk scarf is gently and elegantly reinterpreted each season. Ties, scarves and mufflers add just the right dose of color to enhance the day’s look.

Mark your look

100% freedom

The easy-to-wear 100 cm scarf in cashmere and silk is an accessory for today’s well-dressed gentleman in search of a generous size and cheerful colours.

Enrich your wardrobe


Podcasts from Le Monde d‘Hermès

In this third series of podcasts, we follow Penelope from city to city as she investigates a string of mysteries.