Cardamusc Essence de parfum

SEK4,056 (SEK20,280/100ml)

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A pure perfume oil, a texture that highlights cardamom in the most captivating of duos, dancing on the skin. Spicy cardamom reveals its sensuality through contact with comforting musks. Assertive, unexpected. An essence to wear alone, or under a Hermessence to intensify and personalise its sillage.

Volume: 20 ml

The story behind

“A true olfactory manifesto. A proposition shaped around cardamom, a cool and cascading spice that transforms and reveals all its sensuality through contact with the warm and enveloping notes of musks.”
Christine Nagel

Hermessence is a collection of sober and intense olfactory poems. Nature is reinvented, to original effect. Raw materials are transcended. The collection symbolises creative freedom, a highly individual writing style, encapsulating the essence of the signature of a great house. Each Hermessence fragrance is available with or without a leather case.