Warsaw opens its doors

Warsaw opens its doors

The inauguration of our Warsaw store on 27 November 2019 marks a wonderful new chapter in our shared narrative: the story of Hermès and Poland.

A long-standing

Since the 1930s, a number of Polish artists have applied their talent to our collections. One such artist was Lola Prusac who joined Hermès in 1927 as a pattern-maker, designer and advisor. She infused an air of modernity into the collections, introducing geometric patterns and bright colours as new signatures of Hermès style. Today, colour and fantasy are also the realm of Jan Bajtlik, a young illustrator who draws inspiration from his Polish culture.

The Europejski hotel

It has been the beating heart of Warsaw’s cultural life since 1857. Its stately façades stand grandly at the edge of the old town. On the ground floor of this majestic neoclassical edifice, Hermès inaugurates its first store in Poland.


Store Opening Times
Monday – Saturday
11am to 7pm
Krakowskie Przedmieście 13,
00-071 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48 22 460 03 80