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Once upon a time, the Chaîne d'Ancre set sail to explore the world of jewelry. Unrestrained shapes and volumes come together with untamed links. Bracelets and necklaces are interlinked with a sophisticated, powerful and rebellious spirit.


After being released from the furnace, the nail is now free to create jewelry that is as radical and unrestrained as itself. Even when softened by a pavé setting, the nail has always retained its feminine punk edge.

With a vibrant collection of bold and contemporary lines, Hermès jewelry is the ultimate tribute to imagination. From gold earrings to the signature Hermès Kelly ring, explore a range of designs studded with pure gold. 
Your heart will skip a beat when you discover the Kelly-inspired gold pendants as well as the sculptural volumes of our gold necklaces. But, one thing is certain: your new Hermès gold bracelet is waiting for you among the treasures of our workshops.