Know-how | Hermès


The beauty of gesture

Each episode invites you inside our workshops to meet the craftspeople. Savour these special moments.

Together in leather

Touch, feel, stroke, smell, sense, breathe. Absorb the rhythms in the world of Hermès leather. Hide, and seek.

Cashmere in a spin

In Nepal, at the beginning of winter, the wool from the white cashmere goats is combed, carded, dyed and ready to weave. The cashmere fabric is then bedecked with bright colours.

Cut from the same cloth

The world of Hermès silk is based on attention to detail. Whether stitching or sewing, illustrating or imagining, working with paint or pigment. From the very first step to the very last fold.
  • Horse Play

    From measurement to first trots, our artisans’ daily gestures follow an inch-perfect path.
  • Watchmaking

    Our craftspeople work on capturing time. Dive into their detailed gestures.

In their shoes

See how our bootmakers smarten up, wax and pamper these shoes.
  • Like a glove

    When leather gives its hand, gloves are wed.