Men’s autumn-winter 2020 collection

Men’s autumn-winter 2020 collection

This season, the men’s collection asserts its radicality. Playing on reflections and layering, it creates a new gravity. 

Technical boldness

Innovation is found in every look. Shimmering Toile-Ice appears under coats. Linings and zips disconcert the eye. Technology transforms our vision of the classics. 

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Frame of mind

Hermès men shift graphic boundaries. Knits reveal their hypnotic prints. Graffiti flowers run over shirts. Hand-stitched lambskin patches adorn a loose sweater. Layers create illusions between geometry and cubism. 

Winter nuances

From ebony to saffron shades, the colour palette reveals contemporary warmth.

Sensual radicality

The season of warm-heartedness brings a touch of sensuality. Coats take on enveloping shapes, jacket curves are rounded off. Knits lengthen. Reassurance turns to comfort.

Light and shade

With plays on linings and chiaroscuro, looks reveal their subtlety. 

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