The Galop d’Hermès

The Galop d’Hermès

It is a transformed stirrup. A dreamlike arch. A futuristic space vessel. Flowing and luminous, it plays with time. It is the new Galop d’Hermès watch.

More than a piece of jewellery and more than a watch, Galop d’Hermès is a style object devoid of any formalism. It is free-spirited, witty and passionate.

Philippe Delhotal,

Design and Development Director, Hermès Horloger


The detail

It’s almost nothing, yet it changes everything. In the Hermès watchmaking workshops, a choreography of controlled actions led by skilled hands polish and smooth cases. Dials are crafted and then given their colour. Straps are made using the finest leather and Hermès expertise. All Hermès craftsmen are virtuosos with the materials they shape.


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