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Furnishing fabrics and wallpapers

The new collection of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers addresses a new oxymoron: urban nature.

Imaginary gardens

The collection displays a sensitive, composite language, combining abundant nature with a city of geometric abstractions.
Mixing micro motifs and large illustrative elements, the designs oscillate between naturalism and abstraction: from sketches by Robert Dallet to Gianpaolo Pagni’s vegetal Squares conceived like an urban herbarium, the profusion of luxuriant vegetation meets the simplicity of geometric shapes. Annie Faivre’s Les Maîtres de la forêt climb up a tight grid and extend their abundant nature over the city. The design, simplified to obtain a tattoo effect and inkjet-printed, presents strong colours.

Variable geometries

Squares, dots, superimposition and repetition effects... accumulation sets the pace, creates the pattern and echoes the worlds of play and construction modules. On the Mosaïque wallpaper, small metallic squares catch the light and display their iridescent touches.


  • Historical motifs, Hs or stylised anchor chains combine and blend in the middle of kinetic illusions, when lines, continuous or dotted, redraw an alternative landscape.
  • But although geometry marks the rhythm of the creations, the work of the craftsman’s hand is evident throughout. An exceptional piece, the Formes simples fabric assembles two types of wool cloth embroidered against each other by hand. The first fabric, in a cream colour, cut and embroidered by hand, allows the contrasting ink-blue colour of the second cloth to appear through the geometric cut-outs.

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