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Time, an Hermès object

From October 3rd to 7th, 2018, come experience Time, an Hermès object at our Ala Moana boutique in Honolulu.
  • Time is a game for Hermès, a singularly different experience. Unexpected and mischievous, it invites visitors to lose their bearings. Its playground is expressed here as a colourful labyrinth where watches appear and vanish. Mysterious light pulses signal more intimate phases of the game, when it’s the visitor’s turn to play with time, or perhaps the other way around. The two become allies in exploring various time zones, or setting off to discover the path of the sun – free to speed up or slow down as the fancy takes them. Perceptions are blurred to the point where the visitor begins to hear voices… and even comes across secret conversations and strange stories. Time teases the senses by issuing an invitation to step onto the racecourse – at a walk, a trot or a gallop, as speeds mingle and merge in a joyful cavalcade. Successive moments also mirror emotions, capturing various poses – one, two, three, four – that are as many fragments of life. A reflection of the hours that flow by, perpetually reinvented by Hermès…
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