Pirouette au Galop losange, medium model


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Color , gris chiné/bleu/vert selected

Product description

Losange in cashmere and silk with hand-rolled edges (70% cashmere, 30 % silk).

This small-sized version in cashmere and silk is the ideal companion to elegantly tie around your neck.

Made in France

Designed by Jean-Louis Sauvat

Measures 19" x 45"

The story behind

Based on the Pirouettes au Galop scarf design.
With the immediacy of a sketch and an ease that comes from years of practice, Jean-Louis Sauvat’s lively freehand drawing of the gallop pirouette captures the grace of an equestrian exercise that calls for perfect harmony between rider and horse. Every movement of a leg, every bow of a head is imbued with the artist’s knowledge, understanding and empathy for his mount. Jean-Louis Sauvat studied art at France’s École des Métiers d’Art, in the workshop of French sculptor Robert Couturier, and became a teacher in his own right at the age of just 21. His family encouraged his choice of career: had not his great-grandfather been a friend of Seurat, Ingres and Lautrec? Dressage was Sauvat’s other occupation, pursued with the same passion as his first. His works reflect his deep love of both – when he wasn’t drawing horses, it was said, he was riding them!