The story behind
Robert Dallet is an incomparable animal painter who devoted his life to the study and protection of animals. In particular, Dallet declared a special fascination, and boundless admiration, for the big cats, producing over a hundred plates cataloguing every known species. Today, these studies form part of the heritage collection of the house of Hermès. Among the species is Panthera pardus, seen here. The panther seems to emerge from out of the silk carré – the embodiment of the force of nature itself. Its gaze, fur and posture are astonishingly life-like. The Indo-Chinese panther, or panthera pardus delacouri, lives a solitary life in the depths of the region’s great tropical forests, where it is threatened by deforestation and hunting. Panthera pardus was the 2016 solidarity carré: a portion of revenues from the sale of the scarf going to the not-for-profit foundation Panthera, established by Thomas S. Kaplan in 2006, to safeguard the big cats.

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