The story behind

Separated by a thin stream, two triangles structure this scarf. In one, a forest made up of an apple tree, pear tree, oak, alder, linden, sycamore, bamboo: the traveller’s tree emerges. Their branches are colourfully intertwined while their trunks are rooted in the opposing triangle, where a more symbolic interpretation of nature dominates. The Donar’s oak, also called Thor’s oak, venerated by the ancient Germans; the cypress, associated with Pluto, whose sombre underworld is evoked by its dark foliage; and the Bodhi tree, under which Buddha achieved enlightenment, are all featured in the second triangle. Designed by Annie Faivre in 1998, Les Légendes de l’arbre now reappears as a coloriage scarf through its use of line and colour.