Kelly Chaine double tour necklace, small model


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Wrap around necklace in yellow gold, Kelly clasp
Can be worn as a long or a wrap around necklace

The Kelly identity is reimagined in this story of geometrical design. Its links, made in round and square shapes, express a calm elegance and fluid disposition.

Made in France

Yellow gold 750/1000

Chain length: 35.4"

The story behind

In 1930, Robert Dumas, a member of the Hermès family, designed the bag that, in 1956, came to be known as the Kelly bag. Its fastener, a turn clasp, is a jewel in itself. It now appears on wide crocodile skin bracelets in bright colours or Milanese mesh woven with gold threads. It is also present on thin bracelets such as yellow or rose gold, or white gold bangles set with