Kawa Ora shawl 140


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Product description

Shawl in cashmere and silk with hand-rolled edges (70% cashmere, 30% silk).

Printed on our iconic cashmere and silk material, this giant scarf is supple, light and easy to wear. It’s the ideal companion for wrapping up on cold days.

Made in France

Designed by  Te Rangitu Netana

Measures 55" x 55"

The story behind

Te Rangitu Netana, a Maori tattoo artist took inspiration from the life of his ancestors and Maori culture to design this scarf. An owl, the messenger between the material and spiritual worlds, rises above the four walls that draw the house of the tribe's meeting place. Knowledge and a connection to the sky are represented on the northern wall, creation and water on the southern, light and the giant eagle on which the Maori have traveled on the eastern. The albatross tears represent the suffering of the Maori people on the western. The central circle represents a giant octopus, symbol of navigation, and its tentacles, the eight directions of the Maori compass, in a spirited crossing of cultures.