Into the Canadian Wild scarf 90 - flat
Into the Canadian Wild scarf 90 - worn

The story behind

Canada is the second biggest country in the world by geographical area. Bounded by three oceans, this vast territory is watered by thousands of lakes. Its diverse fauna is protected in a host of national and regional parks, burgeoning with wildlife. This vivid evocation by Alice Shirley presents a swirling celebration of life, an explosion of colour. A majestic snowy owl – one of the symbols of the Québec region – soars amid the aurora borealis.
Animals go about their daily lives by land and sea: polar and brown bears, salmon, narwhals, orcas and whales, stags, bison, bighorn sheep, caribou, snow geese, Canada geese, butterflies and owls are depicted in their habitats, among rushes, at the foot of a great sequoia, in the shade of a maple tree, surrounded by blue flax flowers, in the clear waters of a river... This carré is an ode to the natural world, a celebration of its inestimable value, and a testimony to the treasures of the Canadian wild.

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