En Attendant Ulysse shawl 140


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Shawl in cashmere and silk with hand-rolled edges (70% cashmere, 30% silk).

Printed on our iconic cashmere and silk material, this giant scarf is supple, light and easy to wear. The ideal companion for wrapping yourself up on cold days or mild evenings!

Made in France

Designed by  Florence Manlik

Measures 55" x 55" | As this shawl is hand-rolled, the dimensions indicated may vary.

The story behind

Florence Manlik designed this scarf inspired by Eastern European folklore and the motifs of its traditional costumes. Is this the Trojan horse dreamed up by the cunning Odysseus which, in the Iliad, allowed the Greeks hidden in its belly to gain entrance into the enemy city? Or could it be the tapestry woven by his wife Penelope, whose story is told in the Odyssey? In her endless wait for her husband’s return, she devised many tricks to hold off her many suitors, notably by promising them marriage when she had completed her tapestry. The young queen wove during the day, and each night unraveled the work she had done. Who can say whether these flowers or this proud horse nourished her dreams?