Brides Fleuries scarf 90 - flat
Brides Fleuries scarf 90 - worn

The story behind

Created in 1957 by Hugo Grygkar, Brides de gala is one of the most famous Hermès scarf designs. Brides fleuries is a reproduction of a hand-embroidered version, covered in wild flowers. The effect is stunningly poetic, as if the scarf had been buried in the wild grass so long that bindweed and meadow flowers entwined themselves into the very fibres of the silk. If the design is a mirage, so is the technique, for today a silk-screen print reinvents this pastoral tale in such a way that it seems one could almost touch the embroidered flowers, the long, supple, slender stems, the tiny leaves, the delicately nuanced petals. The finest dreams are made of illusions.

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