Boucles et Galons du Tsar wash scarf 90


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Scarf in silk twill with hand-rolled edges (100% silk).

The Hermès scarf is reinvented as the velvety Wash scarf. Washed by our artisans’ expert hands, the scarf is transformed into a relaxed, mattified, and ever so slightly faded piece, gaining an irresistible soft touch. This exclusive process makes each scarf unique and can slightly alter its dimensions.
See the Care section for details on how to care for your Wash scarf.

Made in France

Designed by  Wlodek Kaminski

Measures 36" x 36"

The story behind

In 1898, Émile-Maurice Hermès, the grandson of the house’s founder, set off on a long journey which took him to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The young man’s creative spirit and drive enabled him to build long-lasting relationships within the house of Hermès and complete a number of orders for great Russian families, including that of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife, Alexandra Feodorovna. A trace buckle adorned with shells, double and single buckles, braids, and garters decorated with the imperial crown are worked into a serene and balanced composition of the kind forever favored by the house.